10 Amazing Facts About Madrid

Madrid is the greenest city in Europe; this is not the only thing that makes Madrid be one on the greatest cities on would always wish to visit, it has more interesting facts that you need know. Below are the ten amazing facts about Madrid

Famous Pablo Picasso

The most popular masterpiece of art over here is the big wall Guernica painted by the Famous Pablo Picasso. The picture displays the famous and the horrible scene during the Spanish Civil War from the attack on the town known as Guernica. Most of them get moved by after looking at this painting.

Plaza Mayor


The other place recommended while Madrid tour is the Plaza Mayor. It has everything done in the style of old-world and has everything from shops to offices.

Real Madrid


The history of the club is laid out, and in case, you have enough luck you can also score tickets for one of the games.

El Escorial


The next best place to see while Madrid tour is the famous El Escorial. Here you can view the valley of a touching and falling monument erected to honor the ones that die in the Civil War of Spain. You can also visit the famous University of Salamanca. Various famous authors of Spain studied here like the author of “Don Quixote,” Miguel de Cervantes.

Arab Wall


You can also see the Arab Wall. Spain and Madrid were always strongly related to Arab culture. This place is one of the oldest areas of Madrid with buildings and streets that are approximately about a hundred years old.

El Palacio Real


Also, check for El Palacio Real. It has a long history coming up from Arabs to the Austrians and later into Spaniards. Look for the majestic Throne room decorated with exclusive mosaics and stucco.

Casa de America


Look for Casa de America. It is a beautiful house that has a unique royal architecture. The home has rooms for exhibits, auditorium, and library.

Casa de Museo Lope de Vega


Have a look at Casa de Museo Lope de Vega: It is a house of Felix Lope de Vega, who was a legendary playwright of Spain. You can check for his garden where you can see ancient fruit trees that were mostly mentioned in his diaries.

Open air pool- Aquasur


The city of Madrid has one of the best open-air pool called aquasur; it has a beautiful hot spot, it is the most visited by children during the summer.

Museo Taurino


Museo Taurino is a bullfighting museum in Madrid; visitors enjoy the art when they visit this place the art of dressing style and history

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